Notorious prison in the Philippines being unjust

inside the Philippines most notorious prison where 3,600 inmates live in a space built for 800.

  Eye-opening images reveal the daily life of 3,800 inmates serving time behind the crowded walls of a notorious Philippines prison built for just 800.Prisoners search for a corner of damp floor to squat against as they sleep, pick rusty nails and dead cockroaches out of their rations of food and suffer rashes and boils caused by the lack of ventilation and water.Inside Quezon City jail in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, there is a relentless and constant battle for space, water, food in an unhygienic facility.

Ten years after his release from prison, the author received his doctorate from Michigan State University -

Ten years after his release from prison, the author received his doctorate from Michigan State University –

According to New zealand Herald article, a former inmate at the Quezon City jail returned to the prison after studying criminal justice at the Southern Illinois University in the United States.Raymund Narag says he was 20 when he was accused of a crime he did not commit, the murder of a young man in the Philippines, according to the GMA Network.Mr Narag served seven years, where he said he stayed in a cell with 30 other men instead of the intended five and lived off a diet of dried fish that he says barely sustained him.

In his book ‘Freedom and Death Inside the Jail‘, Dr Narag details the horrendous living conditions the inmates are subjected to and the fear that consumed him.’For almost seven years, I experienced death every waking moment of my life inside the jail,’ he said.Men are forced to sleep on any damp floor space they can find or in a squatted position – which causes some inmates to have a stroke – because of the severe overcrowding, he said.Inmates have deemed the food rations served at unusual hours throughout the day and night as ‘fit for pigs.’Dr Narag said food rations are so small, and often can contain rusty nails and cockroaches, forcing the men to go hungry or steal other inmates food.

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