8 year-old preacher leading the faithful in Jordan

Eight year-old Issa Al-Sharif of Jordan became the youngest imam and preacher at a mosque in Jordan due to his eloquence and beautiful voice when reciting the Quran.

Despite his young age, he stole the hearts of hundreds of people praying at the mosque.

Issa talked about how he started and he stated that he was welcomed by most Imams. His fame came after delivering a closing farewell sermon, which enabled him to be an imam and preacher at the mosque for hundreds of people praying.

“I used to go to the mosque with my father and every time I would go home and stand on a chair and talk, my mother was surprised and was like, what do you think if I make you memorize something? I agreed and memorized the farewell sermon,” said Issa youngest Mosque Imam in Jordan or probably in the Muslim World.

He added that “On Friday, I went to prayers with my father and the sheikh was five minutes late. But as he came and then finished, I went and greeted him and told him, if you were a minute later I would have preached. He asked what I would say and I started telling him the farewell sermon. The next Friday I went and he allowed me to preach.”

Omar Fulaifel, the Imam at Prince Hamza Mosque in Oman confirmed that Issa is still memorizing the Quran under the care of his parents.

“Issa is a young man and he was raised by his parents. His mother raised him and made him memorize the Quran. He also memorized some sermons and he had a good strong heart for preaching and speaking. There is no doubt that each person needs to follow up and read, and he is still memorizing the Quran and hopefully he will finish successfully.”

Mahmoud Hasan Al-Sharif, Issa’s father said that his son was eager to preach and would ask imams if he could give a sermon. “Most mosques welcomed him with good spirits and some asked for my approval and other mosques tested him first. This is how he started.”

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