Current political crisis in Kurdistan will be solved after Ramadan Eid

The Kurdish community must find an urgent political solution to the crisis in Kurdistan according to the negative changes that have been affecting everybodys lives.

After Ramadan Eid a decorous gathering of all politics will take place to find a solution for the current political crisis in kurdistan that has effected all residents in Region.

The economical state of Iraq is an issue that is in need of an urgent discussion. Nishan press is a source that has stated, Nawshirwan Mustafa has planned for an active political decision with KDP leader, Masud Barzani concerning the issue.

Wether or not this meeting takes place, a political initiative will be taken by Masud Barzani himself. The conclusion of Masud is the KRG vice president position will be given or another option regarding Qubad Talabani, current Vice President of KRG to remain in his political position and a political position given to Change party (Gorran).

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