Here are 10 top signs that someone is lying to you

LIesHave you ever listened to someone speak and you secretly wondered if they were really telling you the truth? Did you know that just 54 percent of lies can be accurately spotted?
While we may like to think otherwise, the truth is that people lie to each other all the time. But, how can you tell when someone’s lying to you in real life?

Here are 10 top Signs that someone is lying

1. A change in their voice;
A person’s voice or mannerisms of speaking may change when they tell a lie.

2. They may try and be still
It seems weird, but being perfectly still or being very still may be an indicator that a person is not telling the truth. A person may keep their movements minimized or even pull their arms and legs in toward their body, mostly as a result of being tense or nervous. Think about it – when things are normal, people are generally more relaxed and may exhibit more fluidity and movement in their body, but when something is awry, including having to tell a white lib or a huge fib, they may become stiff or rigid in body movement.

3. Their bodily expressions may not match what they are saying out loud
Ever seen a person tell someone else that everything is fine when his or her body language and expressions clearly say something different? This may be a sign that they are not telling the truth, even to themselves!

4. Their language can change
They might use distancing language to separate themselves from the truth, even changing their selection of pronouns as they speak. “I misplaced her money,” might became “I misplaced the money,” all in an effort, subconscious or otherwise, to show less connection to an object or objects or to what is being discussed.

5. Direction of their eyes
Sometimes people who are not telling the truth may look to the left because they may be constructing answers or imagery in their head. This may be opposed to looking to the right or up and to the right, where people’s eyes often head when they are trying to recall an auditory or visual memory.

6. Covering their mouth or eyes
Many people want to literally cover up a lie or hide themselves from the reaction to it, which may be why they put their hands over their eyes or mouths when letting an untruth out. Others may even actually completely close their eyes when telling a lie.

7. Unusual gesticulating
Think about what a kid does when you ask them where the last cookie went. They may lick their lips, look at their nails, or even shake their hands.

8. Taking that hardline pause
Liars may pause a lot as they work to construct details or stories in their head or to explain their actions using a storyline that really didn’t occur.

9. Improvising with the details
Since a liar may make up things as they go, they may also have a tendency to add excessive detail to better convince themselves or others of what they are saying.

10. Pointing their fingers (literally)
The act of pointing at or toward something or someone else may signal a desire to take a focus off of an individual and onto someone else.

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