Plane Crash Lands in Dubai Airport

Emirates flight EK521 from Kerala to Dubai caught fire on Wednesday, crash landing at the Dubai airport. UAE confirmed that all 275 passengers were escorted to safety.The flight was from Thiruvananthapuram
The plane landed on its tail and its right wing caught fire.Pictures on social media showed a thick smoke rising from the top of a burning plane.

thick black smoke is seen rising from afar

thick black smoke is seen rising from afar

A pilot who witnessed the incident stated that the plane came in fast and hit the runway tail first.He said,”Big flames then the body hit the runway and the right gear collapsed, followed by the right engine coming off. Then it skidded for a while until it stopped.”

A spokesperson for operator Dubai Airports said all passengers and crew had been safely evacuated and the emergency services were managing the situation. Dubai authorities pronounced that all departure flights from Dubai international airport have been delayed until further notice.

Emirates confirmed on its Twitter handle that an incident happened at Dubai International airport on 3 August at about 12.45 pm. “We are in the process of opening our customer assistance line and will share these details soon but at this stage we have no further information on what may have caused the accident. Our priority remains with the passengers and crew involved,” the airline said.

“We are expecting a four-hour network wide delay, more information will be available on the Emirates website and social media channels,” it added.



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