Architecture with a promising future

Architecture Student Designs the perfect hangout lounge to prove his skills

Being smart is common, but being gifted is rare. Delovan Delawer, Gifted Architect, creates a winning lounge.
Competition winner, Delovan Delawer, Master of Architecture student at University of Salahddin Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design came up with a score of pioneering ideas to create the perfect hangout lounge in his 3rd year as a student. The hangout lounge also scored him first place among others competitors.

Delovan Delawers project that won him first place in an architecture fair against other talented students. -Kurdistan, Erbil

The concept of Delovan Delawers project as he stated is the,”The All-around-used lounge offers a spacious, relaxing, and comfortable furniture to get most of your potential energy out upon, offers a place for reading, sleeping, working on one’s laptop, watching TV, or anything that could come to one’s mind.”

His inspiration came from the source of use itself, the human body. The way the human body was able to flex and withstand force and give posture was the starting point of his project.

Delovan Delwer project showing the concepts which are inspired to confirm many of the human body’s postures

Delovan Delawer project showing the concepts which are inspired to confirm many of the human body’s postures

 The finishing touch was giving his project a name, The Hang-out lounge. Delovan Delawer said, ”It was named the Hang-out Lounge (or the All-around-used Lounge) due its flexibility to offer complete relaxation in an unassuming way and where one could spend their whole day on.It has two recessions that could be used as bookshelves or storing items which are illuminated by hidden lightingnd. Also it has a pulled-out back stand for books or laptops that could be pulled out when needed.”

As it’s no surprise to any of Delovans teachers nor colleagues that he graduated, completing his bachelors being one of the top students of his class year graduates. Delovan Delawer continues to focus on new projects to come that will not fall short to amuse. With his talent to speak four languages and with his astonishing ideas he is able to make a difference not only for his country but the world. Further designs and future projects of Delovan can be searched on webpage.

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