A suicide bomber blew himself up near a security checkpoint in the Baghdad district of Shula

In several areas of Baghdad province many suicidal bombings take place. One of many bombing took place  near a security checkpoint in the Baghdad district of Shula.( July 27. 2016)

A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, stated that the suicide bomber was wearing an explosive belt which he later used to blow himself up, near a security checkpoint in north-west Baghdad district of Shula.According to the source’s comments, the bombing killed three people,  two of the victims were members of the federal police. About 8 were also wounded, 3 policemen and 5 civilians.

Other bombings that occurred, one being  near a market that sells  fruits and vegetables at hand Yusufiya, south of Baghdad. This attack caused the death of two civilians and injuring seven others. These bombing in the Baghdad district are just a few of many others that scar the city.

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