A man spends his time in prison drawing, painting and calligraphy

A man who who has been in prison for 9 years spends his time drawing, painting and calligraphy. He makes them for photo albums, exhibitions and paintings.

Workshops have been opened for him and his partner. He says that the time in prison has really changed him to a better person, he now prays unlike before.

The mans dream is to open a shop to make beautiful things and offer them to his country and beloved city when he is released.

”When I was arrested, Erbil was small, and now it has gotten bigger. Sometimes I ask my friends about new places built in Erbil when I see them on TV. Erbil has become like Europe. I would like to go back to the community. I would like to see my relatives. I would like to work like people out there to help my parents.” he says.


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