Attack on Nice kills 84

Nearly 24 hours after a Bastille Day celebration was transformed into a nightmare, “locals and visitors returned to the Promenade des Anglais to lay flowers for the dead and to wonder exactly how, and why, the unthinkable had come to pass,”  reported by :Sam Jones, from the city .

truck that runs over the people in Nice mercylessly

Police stand in front of the truck that mowed into crowds that were celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France on Thursday. Photo: Valery Hache/AFP

At least 84 people were killed, including 10 children and teenagers.A total of 303 people were taken into hospital following the attacks, the French health department confirmed on Saturday. Of those, 121 remain in hospital, 30 of whom are children, and 26 people are still in intensive care – including five children.

Throughout Friday, impromptu shrines had sprung up along the metal barriers that closed off the promenade. From one hung a tricolor with a black ribbon sewn on to the white central stripe. At another, a picture of Buddha watched over a dozen small candles. Someone had left a cigarette lighter and more nightlights on the ground so others could light candles and offer prayers.Madame Bourmault, a citizen of France who lives two minutes from the promenade, came to one of the shrines with a bunch of flowers in her hand and tears in her eyes.“I can’t sleep and I can’t breathe. It’s just horrible,” she said.“What else can you say?” She had been down by the firework display on Thursday night, and seen a sudden tide of people screaming and running away. “In a fraction of a second, the music stopped and there was a lot of screaming. Everyone was running and no one was helping.”

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