young 14 year old wisconsin girl decides to die due to pain

Jerika surrounded by friends before her last moments.

Jerika surrounded by friends before her last moments.

Being in a wheelchair all her life and being in pain as long as she remembers, Jerika Bolen, 14 has had enough excruciating pain.This brave sold has held on for her family for a really long time.Most with her disease do not survive as much as brave Jerika did. She has a spinal muscular atrophy type 2, an incurable genetic disease that often claims lives before adolescence. She’s mostly immobile and knows her already chronic pain which is a seven on a scale of 1 to 10making it her best days, she says, will only grow worse.

Jerika is at peace with her decision, she said, but heartbroken for those who’ll grieve her death, expected to come by late summer.she states,”When I decided, I felt extremely happy and sad at the same time,” she said. “There were a lot of tears, but then I realized I’m going to be in a better place, and I’m not going to be in this terrible pain. I’ve been working on it and thinking about it for way longer than anyone else has.”

Although she takes medications that keep the pain lower than usual have damaged her body; the really tough days are becoming more frequent.The pain Jerika mostly feels is felt in her hips and back. She gets nerve spasms and her bones are weak because she’s never been able to get up and move.

Jerika will end her life with a last dance.Her final wish is her going to a prom. Which has been set Friday, and the community is invited. It’ll be a night for friends at Appleton’s Grand Meridian.Jerika picked out a greenish blue dress for her dream prom.Her family and friends are very supportive of her decision and proud she held on this long.


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