3 year old rock climber

Many have different ideology of what is safe and what is not for their child.For one Mother and Father having their Daughter rock climb is the best choice they have ever made.When Hadlie was 18 months old, Father Jared built her an indoor rock wall so that she could practice climbing whenever she wanted. Now more experience Daughter Hadlie rock climbs outdoors for more of a challenge.When climbing outside, Hadlie has very little fear of falling, says Bechler, but she and Jared make sure they’re there to catch her when it happens.

Mother Morgan Brechler said,“People will criticize things they don’t understand. To some families it may look really extreme and it may look dangerous, but it’s not. Safety is very important to us,” the mother, who has shared numerous jaw-dropping photos of her daughter on social media, says. “I was surprised about how harsh some of the negative comments were, saying I should be charged with child endangerment.”

Hadlie and dad Jared Marvel

According to Morgan, some choices other parents make are far more dangerous than rock climbing.

“Child endangerment to me is having your child sit in front of an iPad all weekend and not being outside. Or eating fast food and things of that sort,” she explains.


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