Many Attacks Urges Already Strict Gun Laws in Germany

Senior German politicians have called for stricter controls on the sale of guns, due to the shooting in Munich on Friday, that took the lives of 9 innocent people.Germans gun laws are already one of the most restrictive in the world. Due to country also has one of the lowest rates of gun-related deaths despite having high levels of gun ownership.

“Germany has a good system of legal gun ownership, but illegal firearms pose a big problem,” said Nils Duquet, a weapons expert in Belgium who works for the Flemish Peace Institute. According to Duquet, there are millions of illegal weapons in Europe, but he said it is impossible to know exactly how many.

 The dual German-Iranian national behind Friday’s attack outside a shopping mall in which nine people died, Ali David Sonboly, 18,obtained his firearm illegally and he did not have a license, German police officials said Saturday.

Police guard the downtown pedestrian zone near Marienplatz square following Friday’s shooting in Munich. (Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

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