Pokemon Go Player Sheds off Weight While Catching Them All

Clark's profile and medals

Clark’s profile and medals

Sam Clark, a British 32-year-old business owner  says he walked 141 miles (227 kilometers) in 20 days, the equivalent of five marathons.He claims to now fit into jeans that haven’t fit him in 6 years.author and health journalist Lisa Drayersays,”It is often realistic to lose 5-10 pounds [2-4.5 kilograms] in the first week of a strict diet and exercise plan — however, some of that weight is water weight.That being said, walking is a great way to lose weight, especially for those who are just beginning an exercise program. A 200 pound person can burn close to 200 calories from a 30 minute brisk walk.”

Sam claims that others have also benefited from this game app. sam Said,”People have messaged me saying it’s helped with anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and this is getting me outside, so that’s helping.”A lady messaged my wife saying she’s been playing the game, she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and hasn’t been able to go outside for months.”This game has encouraged her just to start getting out a bit. It’s kind of touching.”

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